Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 5: Puppies Fifth Week.

One more week to go and then the puppies will be able to find their new families... The guys want to keep both puppies and I do too... but the practical side of me says that I really need to let them go. Especially now that I just found out from Alex that we are not going to be able to put the fence up like we had been planning ever since we bought the house. It's so not fair to any of the dogs.

Yet this time I promised myself that I was going to say screw what everyone else wanted and screw what was the practical and reasonable thing to do. I was going to do what my heart really wanted to do for once. I have to be honest, I love these two little guys. They are the sweetest little pups that I have ever known. They are very smart too.

Aizen is an escape artist he will jump, climb and dig his way through just about anything to get where ever he thinks he needs to be. Which has been both nerve racking and amusing all at the same time. Especially when he is supposed to be in the puppy pin while I'm running around doing chores and he decides that it is an absolute must that he follow me around. All the while leaving little piles of puppy surprise for me to clean up.

I have been trying to break the pups to can puppy food. Tousen seems to be taking to the puppy food better than his big brother. Aizen still seems to want nothing to do with food or water. You can tell Asa (their mother) is getting tired of nursing them. She spends very little time with them and when they are free to run through the house she spends her time trying to get away from them or up on the couch where they can't get to her. But still, there are those times when Aizen is determined that he will have his meal and stalks her until she is least expecting it and then he latches on. If she is standing he will hang on her until she lays down. She looks at me with the most pitiful expression as if to say "help me" then she gives in. I really feel bad for her. But I know once it is time she will let him know.

I gave the pups their first bath yesterday. They both took it a lot better than what I had expected. In-fact neither of them really seemed to mind the bath at all. Aizen wanted to play just as soon as he was done. Tugging on the towel as I tried to dry him off and running around in circles barking at me. While little Tousen got really sleepy and cuddly after his bath. I dried him off and then wrapped him in another towel like you would wrap a baby in a blanket and we snuggled on the couch and fell asleep for a couple of hours. It was a good bonding time I think for both of us.

Found out that Aizen loves shoes just as much as I do today. I was cleaning out the boy's closet and happen to turn around to find Aizen as happy as could be in the middle of all their shoes. Too bad that he was eating them instead of wearing them though. To his dismay I had to take them all away. Without so much as leaving him one.
I think Tousen has a much better perspective on shoes and how they are supposed to be a fashion statement not a chew toy.

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