Friday, May 18, 2012

Mistaken Identity: Shiba Inu released into the wild.

July 27th of 2010 Copper an 11 year old AKC Shiba Inu was mistakenly released into the wild due to her resemblance to a coyote.

Copper lived in Kentucky and was owned by Lori Goodlett and somehow escaped from her fenced in backyard. When her disappearance was discovered, Goodlett called the Frankfort Humane Society and was dismissively told that no stray "dogs" were turned in that day.

The next day Copper’s owner posted “Lost dog” signs, featuring a photo of Copper around the area. A Frankfort Police officer called and told her he had picked up the dog and brought her to the Humane Society the day before. He later received a call from the shelter stating that the Shiba Inu was not a dog but a coyote and could not be kept at the shelter. Shortly after the phone call a humane officer picked up the senior dog and released her in the woods behind a Home Depot. The police officer was told by a wildlife service that coyotes are “nuisance animals” and could only be released or shot. But that they could only be relesed in a 

Cooper has been missing ever since. Reports read that Copper did not resist handling while in the shelter or when following the police officer. Copper was very gentle and had a polite demeanor. 

I know that not everyone is as obsessive over dogs as some of us are and have a hard time telling the difference from a German Sheppard and a Yorkie but ca'mon a coyote?
Since when do coyote's have "curl q" tails? Sad... I feel so bad for Lori in her loss.

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