Monday, April 16, 2012

The horrors of the backyard.

On Saturday April 14th my beloved Aizen joined his brother Tosen in heaven. He was a strong boy and fought to stay alive up until the end. I can't even begin to express my pain or the emptiness I feel without my Little Aizen and Tosen nipping at my heels. Everywhere I turn I see something that reminds me of them and their happy Shiba smile. Every now and again I still hear their little howls and yips to get my attention and find myself looking around for them.

After Tosen passed I began some detective work and discovered that our new wonderful house with it's lush wooded back yard isn't quite the heaven I wanted it to be. In it I've found at least 4 poisonous plants all very deadly.

The Vet had said that Renji and Buddha had been poisoned by something like rat poison, and being as our neighbor had said that prior to us moving in the property had been treated. But now the same symptoms appear and it's been a year, the poison should all have been washed away.

Alex came to me asking if the pups were poisoned had I considered by plants, because everyone had seen them eating them several times. So I began researching the plants and weeds in my back yard thoroughly. I suspect that this is indeed what has killed my pups.

Because of my ignorance I have lost a total of 4 shiba babies. I had no idea what any of those plants were before or what they did. I had grown up around them all my life and never thought one thing about them.

I ask all of my readers if you have pets that go outside or even children, please research the weeds and plants around your homes. Even something as simple as a buttercup can be and is deadly.

Aizen & Tosen
Rest in peace my little Angels, we may not be able to hold and cuddle you
but you will always be with us in our hearts.
            01.01.12 - 04.14.12

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