Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shiba Ball

So back in February when we were going though mourning we also went though my son's 8th birthday and he wanted a football party. Well, I wanted to share with you that to my surprise even Aizen and Tousen had a blast at the party playing their own game of football. 

I had given each of the kids these mini foot balls in their treat cups. One of the kids must have either given the pups their ball or dropped it and never picked it up. But I turned around hearing the pups tussling behind me and watched as Aizen charged Tousen who had the ball first. Aizen scooped the ball up and made a run for it. Tousen chased behind him then tackled him nabbing the ball. They tussled and finally one would break free with the ball and make a run for it and they other would chase after him and they would do it all over again. This went on for a good 45 minuets.
In the end Aizen ended up with the ball and I didn't really think that was very fair so I gave Tousen his very own football and after that they both seemed to be very pleased. Still from time to time they like to play what I've come to call "Shiba Ball" because it's not really foot ball when the goal changes to what ever safe place the Shiba's think they've found. But to me it's much more interesting than football any way.

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