Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Shiba

The shiba's had a wonderful Easter this year. I wanted to make them each their own Easter baskets and get them their own Easter bunnies but I ran out of time trying to plan the whole event. But there is always next year.

The shiba's loved their first Easter bone hunt anyway. I bought a box of milk bones the ones that have all the different flavors and colors and hid them around the house. All of the shiba's ran wild trying to race each other to the next bone. Is was so adorable.

Tien'kou found the most bones, but that was mostly because Aizen and Tousen thought that they were supposed to bring the bones back to me. It was so sweet, they would find a bone, run over drop it at my feet and then race to get the next bone. But then, Tien would run up, grab the bone they had dropped at my feet and go and hide it under the table. So the pup's didn't get very many of the hidden bones. But because they were all so sweet and asked so nicely I gave in and let me have all the milkbones they wanted. They even got to eat a few easter egg (hard boiled of course.)

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