Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 2: Puppies second week.

The second week has been simply adorable, the oldest puppy has displayed discontent for being hot. He barks, growls and even howls when he gets too hot. As of today he has also opened his eyes and taken his first steps.

Big Brother with eyes open
The little guys also known as "Squeaker" sleeps a lot. He doesn't take to well to being handled very often. I think I may focus on holding him more over the next week to get him use to being handled and hopefully that will help him warm up to me.

I am still trying to find a permanent name for both of the pups, but I think I am going to take a different approach to choosing the names.. I've know from the beginning that despite Alex's good intentions of saying he is going to help me with the pups as much as he can. The reality of it is that he is never home. Alex may have been the only one in the family that really wanted a puppy but it is going to be me that does everything for them.  So I have decided if I have to keep these puppies they are mine. I should have said that with Nanook and Inali but I didn't and I regret it. This time I have learned my lesson. These pups are mine and I am going to name them what ever I want. Of course I am willing to share the puppies with the family. ;)

Puppy even had his own theme music in the background.  lol 

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