Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 4: Puppies fourth week

Well Aizen and Tousen are officially 4 weeks old now. We know what that means. Time for our first round of shots, which I still need to schedule.. The brothers have started tasting, not eating, can puppy food. I have to add that it is kind of annoying if I allow myself to think about it because they lick at it a couple of times and then they are done and waste the rest of it. Even though I just give them a single teaspoon at each feeding it is still being wasteful. I know I shouldn't do it but I can't stand to just throw the food out so I mix it in with Asa's food. Not to mention the fact that I have to warm it up before they will even go near it in the first place.

 Oh and yes, Aizen LOVES to eat my curtains not his food but my curtains. Sure it's cute now, when he can't do any real damage. But wait until he starts tearing into the $60 xbox games that Alex and Dale have been collecting over the past 10 years or so. Who's going to be laughing then? 

Aizen also loves to chase his shadow. It reminds me of the scene in Peter Pan when he first met Wendy and lost his shadow. It's so cute. 
 I noticed that the two brothers were also starting to leave me little surprises on my carpet that I wasn't too appreciative of either. So I built them a temporary play area to keep them in one area. I am so not looking forward to potty training. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will learn quickly. I hope.

I've been looking into finding some affordable obedience classes for Asa. She is still glued to my heel which makes me think she is still going though some baby blues. I've been giving her all the love and attention she acts like she wants and have been trying to give her special treats as often as possible but to be honest it don't seem to be helping much. It will be another topic I discuss with the vet this up coming week when I take her and the pups in for their check up and shots. I've been thinking that there is a good possibility that Asa has finally come around to being my companion... Ok, let me rephrase that. I've been "hoping" that Asa has come around to being my companion and has let go of some of her Shiba arrogance and is willing to be trained now that she is older and had two litters of pups. But looking at the courses they want to teach her I am not so sure I want to waste the money to put her in them because she already knows how to sit, come, and lay down and walk on a leash nicely. Which is what most basic classes offer. She needs the more advanced classes that teach her off leash commands but I'm not finding any that will work with her without first obtaining a diploma from the first class. Maybe I can convince to the guys to pay me to train her. Sure, I'll take $150 and train her to not run away. That's even giving a family discount.

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