Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3: Puppies Third Week

Both of the pups have their eyes wide open now. Although the little brother was behind his big brother by four days. His eyes did finally open up. They are even more adorable now that they can look back at me with their sparkling eyes. Everything is still a little blurry to them though.

 They sleep a lot but they are also eager to explore. It's so cute to watch them try to walk and look around for a few moments and then they just lay down where they are as if to say "ugh this is too exhausting" and then fall fast to sleep and sleep for hours where ever they are. I've started to see into their sleeping patterns though. They tend to sleep a lot during the day and are awake more during the night when every one else is trying to sleep. So to say the least Dale and I haven't been getting very much rest. Big Brother Howls and whines a lot and it keeps us up all night. So I've been trying to not let them sleep so much during the day. By waking them up and rubbing their legs and backs to get them motivated. Then I sat them down on the floor so that they can have some free roam for a little while.

Neither of the pups like to be held or petted which is very different from our last litter. Those pups simply loved being center of attention. But Big Brother and Little Brother absolutely loathe human contact as all. They fuss, howl, growl, and try to escape with all their might. If I didn't know better I would mistake them for feral pups.

I plan to go at the end of this week and buy the puppies their first chew toys. Their teeth should be starting to come in this week and I want to be prepared.

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